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Alliance Francaise, Accra

Closing Ceremony and Awards Gala.

Closing Ceremony and Awards Gala. Book a seat

Alliance Francaise, Accra

AiF Music Synergy Concert

This is a music concert as part of the festival that unites alternative sounds from

Alliance Francaise

Film Screenings (Day 4)

(Film Screenings) 1. Full Circle by Genn Print – 23:34mins – Kenya (Documentary) 2. Troublemaker

Alliance Francaise, Accra

The Open-Air Cinema Experience

1. Manifest: Hearts and Times by Makere Thekiso – 9:00mins – Ghana/South Africa (Music Film)

Alliance Francaise, Accra

Film Screening (Day 3 )

(Film Screenings) 1. Dancing In My Sadness by Casual Affairs – 4:05mins – France (Music

Alliance Francaise, Accra

Opening Ceremony

Welcome address from festival executives, and partners. Surprise performances.