Music Synergy Concert

The relationship between music and film cannot be underrated as the music plays an elemental role in filmmaking as well as music videos represent their own unique medium of storytelling. This relationship has inspired us to integrate a music concert into the festival’s core structure as a means of reiterating the already existing connection between music and film with AiF Music Synergy Concert.

Event Outline

AiF Music Synergy Concert was incorporated as part of last year’s edition of the festival. This year offers us more opportunity to host a live concert to gives young music artistes with alternative sound with global interest to perform as part of this year’s edition of the festival at the Alliance Francaise. The festival is slated for 2nd to 6th August, 2022. However, AiF Music Synergy Concert is scheduled for 5th August, 2022.

If you believe that you have an alternative sound with global interest, apply for an opportunity to perform as part of AiF Music Synergy Concert 2022.


Attach the google drive link containing your music samples