Masoud Soheili


Masoud Soheili is a filmmaker, Festival director and programmer.. He has won more than 40 awards from over 300 film festivals with his movies "Blue-eyed boy" (2014) and "Elephantbird"(2019).

He was a member of 9 film festivals, including the Yogya Netpac Asian Film Festival (2015) , Avanca International Film Festival in Portugal (2016 and 2018) , SAARC Film Festival in Sri Lanka (2017) , International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala in India (2018), Malatya International Film Festival in Turkey(2018) and Dhaka International Youth Film Festival in Bagladesh (2020). 

Masoud is co-founder and creative director of the "Asia Peace Film Festival" in Islamabad, Pakistan, and programmer of the "Changing Perspective Intentional Film Festival'' in Istanbul, Turkey. He also worked as a festival director of the Inaugural "Safe Community" International Film Festival in Mashhad, Iran (2017).